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At the core of every successful organization is a culture that fosters individual growth, employee well-being, and team success. The culture in your teams plays a pivotal role in making this happen for your organization. Your team's culture should unlock the full potential of each member, and pave the way for them to contribute their very best for your organization's success.

Our Approch

Purposeful culture acts as a catalyst that fosters individual growth and boosting team performance. While broad culture change initiatives are commendable, they often prove ambitious and challenging to maintain.

At Work Well, our commitment is to elevate TEAM CULTURE specifically. Transforming team culture is more achievable as team leaders possess the influence and authority to make it a reality. We guide them through a transformative journey, developing their leadership skills so they can bridge the gap between their current team culture and the envisioned one. Elevate your team's success with Work Well, where leadership development and team building converge for sustained excellence.



We collaborate with leaders to identify their cultural aspirations, aiming to identify a vision that will serve as the driving force for a high-performing team. Together, we delve into meaningful conversations and strategic exercises to define the core values that will shape the desired culture. This process not only cultivates a shared vision but aligns it with the organizational objectives. By empowering leaders to envision a purposeful cultural narrative, we set the foundation for a thriving team dynamic.


We work with leaders to identify the inherent strengths that can be leveraged and pinpoint areas that hold potential for growth and enhancement. Together, we translate these insights into actionable plans, strategically mapping out the steps needed to bridge the gap between the existing team culture and the desired culture. This serves as a roadmap, which turns the desired vision into a tangible operational reality, which be applied in all interpersonal relations between team members daily.


We dedicate ourselves to helping leaders develop essential leadership skills necessary to navigate their people toward a better team culture. Our program focuses on communication, collaboration, and worker engagement. By emphasizing leadership mastery, we empower leaders not only to sustain the cultural shifts but also to actively contribute to its ongoing growth, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive in the face of evolving challenges. We always say that great culture starts with great leaders.


Team Alignment Workshop

Embark on a transformational journey with our Team Alignment Workshop, where we guide your team in assessing and optimizing your culture for high-performance success. At Work Well, we understand that a healthy team culture is the cornerstone of overall well-being and optimal productivity.

Leadership Bootcamp

Elevate the skills of your leaders with our intensive Leadership Bootcamp. Dive deep into the art of fostering exceptional team culture through advanced communication, coaching, goal-setting, and feedback strategies, emerging as a leader who champions and empowers every team member for success.

Leadership Coaching

Support the success of your leaders through our Leadership Coaching program. Through our individualized coaching approach, we can provide the precise support needed to unlock their full potential. Invest in your leaders' growth, addressing current challenges, and enhancing their skills to lead teams with greater effectiveness. Elevate your organization with empowered leaders who create a team culture that drives results.

Communication Training

Amplify your team's ability to handle interpersonal challenges and conflicts through our Communication Training. As they integrate newfound skills into their daily activities, they will be better equipped to contribute to a workplace culture where communication is a tool where collaboration is enhanced and performance in improved.

Workshops on

Mental Health Topics

Empower your team's path to mental wellness through workshops on stress management, burnout prevention, and self-care. They will discover strategies fostering resilience and balance, enabling your employees to thrive in the workplace, contribute positively to organizational goals, and excel in their work.


Working with Clarice of Work Well was a breeze. We engaged her for two sessions and both were well facilitated. Her program design and materials were well thought of. With the way she engages with participants - across age (Gen X, Gen Z, millennials) and positions - you just can't afford to be a killjoy! If you're the event organizer, Clarice makes your work lighter; if you're a participant in her event, she can make you work better.

Doreen E.

HR and Administration Manager

Non-profit Organization

The [Stress Management]webinar was incredibly beneficial for our team, and the participants found it to be a valuable experience. It greatly contributed to enhancing our stress management skills and fostering a positive work environment.

Jeric G.

People and Culture Specialist


The Leadership bootcamp had been very productive and beneficial to the attendees (leaders of Calay). The attendees find the training to be very insightful, and the analogies presented by Clarice along with the exercises proved to be very relevant and helpful in understanding how each theory can be applied to their day-to-day interactions with their direct reports. Coaching topic has opened their eyes and mind as to the kind of leader they are, awareness on their weaknesses and areas for development, as well as provided them new perspective to effective leadership depending on situation or behavior of each team member.

Nica V.

Head of HR

Calay Business Consultancy Services

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Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines

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